Transparent Earth Geophysics Provides Gravity Technology and Services Globally.


World map showing our project locations.
Countries shaded in blue are where members of our team have worked on gravity projects.

Since 2012 we have been assisting our clients to acquire airborne and marine gravity data using the GT-2A gravimeter. We currently have four GT-2A (the “A” stands for Airborne) systems in our equipment pool.


New Integrated Gravimetry and Gravity Gradiometry Service

We are now proud to introduce the GTz® gravimeter to our clients. The first GTz® will shortly commence operations with Bell Geospace to allow clients to access integrated FTG and GTz® gravimeter data products. The GTz® is significantly smaller and lighter than the GT-2A, and has an improved thermal control system.

The two images below give some idea of the sort of improvements that can be expected.  Gravity and gravity gradiometry data from Arnhem Land, NT, Australia were collected independently in 2003 (GT-1A) and 2006 (Bell Geospace FTG). The top image shows the GT-1A free air anomaly data reprocessed to produce 4km resolution, and the bottom image shows the combined GT1A & FTG Gravity, or Tze, data produced by Bell Geospace.  The latter displays significantly more high frequency information content.

Gradiometry Data

Bell Geospace logoPlease contact Bell Geospace for more details about this service.


Continuation of Existing Gravimetry Services

We will progressively upgrade our remaining GT-2A gravimeters to GTz® gravimeters over the next two years. This will provide our clients with the choice of either the new GTz® system, or the GT-2A for stand-alone scalar gravimety surveys.

All of our gravimeters are easily installed, and can be operated remotely, removing the need for one of our staff to accompany the instrument to the field. This results in significant cost savings to clients. We download data to our Perth office where we undertake QC processing on a daily basis, and final processing following completion of data acquisition.

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